Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Kit of the Month--travel, back to school, baby/children!

This is for scrapbookers and non-scrapbookers alike and would make a great gift for the new Mom or busy Mom.

I've started my own scrapbooking kit of the month, and August is now available! Love the look of a beautiful scrapbook but don't always have the time to pick out coordinating papers/ embellishments/ etc? Let me do the work for you! I'll send you an entire kit w/ enough materials to do at least 4 pages, as well as sample page ideas for how to quickly put it all together.

This listing also has the kit list for the next 9 months! New listings will be a 3 month subscription, 6 months or 1 year--the longer you're a member, the more you save!

Let me know what you think in your comments please and someone will win a free kit!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

this sounds like an awesome idea! although i have enough scrapping paper and embellishments for a few years-i'm sure you'll be an asset to those beginning or looking to build their collections.

Mama Z said...

Sounds like a great idea! I have 2 children and am so behind on their scrapbooks! It's always good to have matching pages and embellishments so you don't have to spend 1/2 an hour looking through your stash. Good luck! :)

Amanda said...

I've never thought about scrapbooking until now. With being a full-time worker, having 3 kids (4, 6 & 34!!) and doing my own Etsy work, I don't have time to do something start to finish, but this is a wonderful idea!!! Thanks for taking the initiative to make such a great option for those of us with no time or talent!!!!

Quilted Memories said...

Just wanted to leave my Etsy information for those who also might be interested. ajs