Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Monday--Goals for the Week

We had a very productive week last week w/ lots of organizing in our house. I hate to clean but love to organize. :) Other good news is that I can finally drive again! It's so nice to be able to run errands. Here are my goals for this short week:

--finish new orders
--keep promoting my valentines

--dust and vacuum house
--organize playroom and little one's bedroom
--find new currents and throw pillows, etc. for the newly painted master bedroom

--finish reading The Life of Pi (such a good book!)
--work on map canvas project
--start exercising again this week!!
--keep up w/ healthy/ mostly vegetarian diet

Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday--Goals for the Week

Another busy week ahead for us! We are getting ready to paint and do some work in our master bedroom and bathroom. Last night, we rearranged all of the furniture, and the room looks so much bigger already. This should be our last major house project for awhile since we're waiting to finish the basement.

--keep caught up on Etsy orders
--work on new party supply designs
--get my valentines into a local shop

--organize kitchen island drawers (didn't get done last week)
--organize linen closet upstairs
--keep up w/ general cleaning and pick up
--paint the master bedroom

--finish reading The Life of Pi
--continue my healthy/ mostly vegetarian eating
--start walking this week

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Technique Thursday--Subway Art!

This post isn't a technique tutorial this week but an introduction into my new love of subway art for my own personal use. Through Pinterest, I found an amazing blogger who creates beautiful subway art that you can print and use for personal use in your home. They are gorgeous, and she has them on her site, ready to print in large sizes, for almost every holiday. Perfect! I just need to get a large frame, print these babies at Staples (following her directions for sizes, etc.), and get ready to change them in and out all year w/ my decor. Here's her New Year's subway art (shown above):

Other holidays are easy to download from her site w/ the printing directions:

She even has a birthday print and a filler print! Happy decorating!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Inspiration Tuesday--Healthy Eating

I've really focused on what my family is eating over the course of the last year and changed what I could at home. We've eliminated most processed foods and rarely eat fast food. Sometimes in the last 6 months, it just happened when we were rushed. Now, I try to be more prepared on days when I know we might be rushed. A lot of my inspiration came from this site, 100 days of Real Food:

It's a real family eating real food and provides recipes, etc. in easy to understand guidelines, etc. I really want to try to eventually make my own breads. This month, here are a few new recipes I'd love to try for healthy snacks--homemade Wheat Thins (which my daughter loves and I hate the sodium of normal ones) and guacamole hummus.

Homemade Wheat Thins from

Guacamole Hummus from

Should be really healthy together, right? I love guac and hummus w/ veggies, so I'm pretty excited about that one. Enjoy!

Monday Goals for the Week--It's January!

After taking December off to finish Etsy orders, take a vacation, and celebrate the holidays w/ my family, I'm back to my somewhat normal schedule and blogging (just a day late this week). I've made some great goals for 2012 that I hope to break into smaller goals each week. I have lots of new Etsy items that will be entering my shop at some point this week, and I'm doing well health-wise. 2012 should be a great year!

Here are my goals for this week:
--list all valentine set designs in Etsy shop
--finish existing orders from Dec.
--work on new party theme designs w/ Modern Renaissance
--try to get my valentines in a local shop for January and February
--blog all week

--read The Chronicles of Harris Burdick
--continue to eat mostly vegetarian and healthy choices for snacks
--take it easy while weaning off of this medicine this week and next

--clean and organize laundry room
--clean and organize scrapbook room
--organize kitchen island drawers and storage
--dishes, laundry, etc.