Thursday, January 5, 2012

Technique Thursday--Subway Art!

This post isn't a technique tutorial this week but an introduction into my new love of subway art for my own personal use. Through Pinterest, I found an amazing blogger who creates beautiful subway art that you can print and use for personal use in your home. They are gorgeous, and she has them on her site, ready to print in large sizes, for almost every holiday. Perfect! I just need to get a large frame, print these babies at Staples (following her directions for sizes, etc.), and get ready to change them in and out all year w/ my decor. Here's her New Year's subway art (shown above):

Other holidays are easy to download from her site w/ the printing directions:

She even has a birthday print and a filler print! Happy decorating!

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jamie@eighteen25 said...

thanks for sharing these links. i've never printed at staples before, but if you have any problems, email me and i will see if i can fix the problem.