Friday, November 30, 2012

Roasted Green Beans with Mushrooms

While trying to make the rest of my family eat healthy foods with me, I stumbled across this blog post from Pinterest a few weeks ago, and it looked really yummy! I decided to give it a try and had picked up fresh green beans at Trader Joe's the week before. It's definitely a keeper with a few tweaks.

The above picture is mine and hows how our dinner looked before the oven. The smell of this recipe before it went in the oven was absolutely divine. However, it tasted like it needed more balsamic to me. I love the taste of balsamic vinegar , and while it smelled like a strong balsamic, it tasted a little bland on that end. These were really, really yummy though, and I'll definitely make them again. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cleaning the Microwave with Vinegar

While I know that steam helps loosen everything inside the microwave, I was a bit skeptical of this pin after reading the comments. However, my microwave desperately needed cleaning for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I decided to give it a try. My end result wasn't too bad.

Here's the original blog post that I pinned on Pinterest-- . I started out by filling my bowl with half water and half white vinegar. I love the smell of white vinegar, so I wasn't worried about the comments that mentioned the smell. I was worried about the comments that said their bowl exploded, so I started out at 2 minutes and then added one minute and then another minute for 4 minutes total.

I will say that even after 4 minutes on high, I still had to scrub a bit in spots, and the cleaning wasn't as easy as I had hoped. It was definitely easier than before, and my microwave looks clean. Let me know how this works out for you if you try it.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday Sale Starts now through Tuesday morning--25% off anything in my Etsy shop using the code CYBERMONDAY. Happy Shopping!

This includes ceramic coasters, party supplies, luggage tags, checkbook covers, and more--everything! I am also including custom orders, so if you don't see exactly what you want, please message me.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Dollar Tree Mug Art Project

I'm sure many of us have seen (and pinned!) the Dollar Tree mug/ plate art project on Pinterest (original blog post is here ), and I'm here to tell you that we tried it. Super easy+super cheap=we will be making many more of these. Little one loved it!

 First, we got out all of our Sharpie markers. From teaching and crafting, I had several colors on hand. Little one created drew her pictures on the mug for Daddy, and we baked it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

It appears to be a great mug, but I haven't tried washing it yet. I'm only going to handwash it. This project was a total success and makes a great gift for just a little cash. Enjoy!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Shutterfly's New Card Service--Treat!

Have you heard about Treat yet? All of you know that I love Shutterfly and the quality of their products. Treat is Shutterfly's new greeting card service with cards for all occasions that be personalized and sent directly to your recipient!

Your holiday checklist just got shorter. Create and send a totally personalized greeting card from Treat for FREE. Whether saying thanks for Thanksgiving, wishing a best friend a holiday birthday, or simply sharing the holiday cheer with a just because card, Treat lets you create a one-of-a-kind card that is sure to impress. Use the code TREATBLOGR today, 11/19 or tomorrow, Tuesday 11/20 for a free card.

**Disclaimer--I am receiving free cards from Treat for this post.

The Calming Jar

When I pinned the calming jar on Pinterest, I knew I had to try it out for my five year old. She is a very well-behaved child normally, but she does go from hot to cold pretty quickly. She loves glitter and all things girly, so it was worth a shot.

The original directions came from this blog here-- and worked fairly well. I used purple glitter glue, warm water, a mixture of regular glitter (just added until it looked like enough), and some drops of vegetable oil to help separate everything. I used an empty jar from the pantry, but it is important to know your child here. Do not give a glass jar to an upset child that may be tempted to drop or throw it. You could always use an empty peanut butter container or other plastic jar. Once everything was mixed together, we still had big glops of glitter glue, but she noticed that if she shook it sideways, it started breaking up.

The above picture is our actual calming jar, and it's a beautiful purple color. The whole project took less than 5 minutes to make. While I'm not sure how effective it will be for calming/ replacing time outs, she does like it and enjoys spending time watching it. Hope this helps some of the other Moms!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving Learning Activities for Kids

FREE turkey addition game.  Students match the math fact on the feather to the answer on the turkey.
While I took yesterday off for my birthday, I'm back today with a few items that we are loving around our house this time of year. My daughter loves themed printables and games for the holidays, and Pinterest never disappoints me. I find tons of activities for every holiday and season on there. Thanksgiving was no different.

I've mainly focused on math activities and games and crafts for this holiday because it really seemed to sneak up on us this year. I swear it was just Halloween last week! Not sure how Thanksgiving can really be in less than a week from today. Anyways, here are the activities that we've been working on this week in our house-- for basic addition fact turkeys (shown above) and for word family turkeys (shown below).

Both of these sites have some fabulous learning activities for kids that are free, many printable, and fun for the preschool/ Kindergarten/ early first grade kids. I love that they also turn into holiday decor! Hope everyone has fun learning this week!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Portobello Mushroom Parmesan--Yum!

Baked Portobello Parmesan
As many of you know, I became a vegetarian in early 2012, and I'm still going strong with this new way of life. I absolutely love it, and I'm constantly looking for new recipes to try. This portobello parmesan recipe that I pinned on Pinterest originally came from this blog post here-- and was absolutely delicious and really easy to make. I'm an awful food photographer, so the recipe photo is also courtesy of the above blog.

I was running short on time, so I really didn't add all of the spices, etc. that it mentioned, and it was very forgiving. I definitely plan on making it again in the future. Enjoy!

If you're not currently following me on Pinterest, you can find me here-- I'll keep blogging about items that I've pinned. I'm so excited to finally start going through my list!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dry Hair No More!

To kick off my new blog postings, aka ramblings about things I like, I decided to post about my latest adventure into creating my own beauty products for my family. This idea came from Pinterest and the original blogpost found here--

On my most recent trip to Trader Joe's, I decided to buy some coconut oil and try this for myself. I have really dry, fine hair, so I wasn't sure how this would work, but many drugstore shampoos/ conditioners leave my hair too dry. Anything was worth a try.

Before showering, I took a small amount of coconut oil and ran it through the bottom half of my hair, mainly focusing on the ends. After a few minutes, I washed my hair as normal in the shower and towel dried my hair. Once dry, it was really soft and felt so much better! The next day, I decided to try this remedy on my 5 year old daughter's hair, which is much thicker and curlier, but I tried a different strategy. I thought I could use it in the shower as a conditioner on her hair and then just rinse it out really well. Do not try that strategy! Her hair looked so greasy that it looked wet. :( Note to self--always apply this before the shower and then wash out thoroughly.

I would highly recommend this as a conditioner. Both of us still have soft hair two days after the initial application and with no conditioning afterwards. My daughter's hair is normally so tangled after showers, and it's the easiest it's ever been to brush through.

Let me know in the comments if you decide to try it!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A new take on this blog...

So I've been blogging on here for a few years now, and I still feel that this blog doesn't really have a clear direction yet. It started out as a blog for my Etsy business, T and Little S Designs, and featured items from my shop, new designs, etc. Then it gradually started featuring other sellers in an interview format. At this point, it's been so long since I've consistently blogged that I'm ready to start anew. I honestly miss blogging.

Going forward, my blog ideas will be things that I like to read (Pinterest ideas that I've tried, crafts/ learning activities with my Kindergartner, Etsy designs from my shop, DIY natural ideas, etc.). I plan to take a much more relaxed approach with my blogging topics while still blogging every day. For instance, I may blog about a Pinterest idea I tried one day and then focus on an organizing challenge that I'm participating in on another blog the next day. More than likely, it will be extremely based on my social media connections and my Pinterest pins. I truly love seeing new ideas and knowing how they work for other people, and I have hundreds that I plan to try for myself!

So, grab your morning beverage each day and come back for your morning reading. I love to hear comments on the new format and any topics you would like to see me discuss. Here we go!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Shutterfly Thank the Troops

Many of us know someone either currently in the military or someone that has previously served, and we see the hardships on their families. Shutterfly has a wonderful way to send a card to our troops to tell them how much they are appreciated.

It’s more than a card, it’s thank you for our freedom.
Over 1.5 million troops serve our great nation. Many of them will be overseas, in harm’s way, and away from their families over this holiday season. Our mission is simple—to send a thank you card to every American hero. To succeed we need your support. Just select a card from our 4 different designs, add a personal message (or photo) and click send.  Shutterfly will print and ship your card to the troops at no cost to you.
I encourage you to create a card for the troops, and if you can please share this with your Facebook family and friends (There is a share option when you complete your card).