Sunday, November 11, 2012

A new take on this blog...

So I've been blogging on here for a few years now, and I still feel that this blog doesn't really have a clear direction yet. It started out as a blog for my Etsy business, T and Little S Designs, and featured items from my shop, new designs, etc. Then it gradually started featuring other sellers in an interview format. At this point, it's been so long since I've consistently blogged that I'm ready to start anew. I honestly miss blogging.

Going forward, my blog ideas will be things that I like to read (Pinterest ideas that I've tried, crafts/ learning activities with my Kindergartner, Etsy designs from my shop, DIY natural ideas, etc.). I plan to take a much more relaxed approach with my blogging topics while still blogging every day. For instance, I may blog about a Pinterest idea I tried one day and then focus on an organizing challenge that I'm participating in on another blog the next day. More than likely, it will be extremely based on my social media connections and my Pinterest pins. I truly love seeing new ideas and knowing how they work for other people, and I have hundreds that I plan to try for myself!

So, grab your morning beverage each day and come back for your morning reading. I love to hear comments on the new format and any topics you would like to see me discuss. Here we go!

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