Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Favorites--Fairy Wings

How do you keep a toddler busy for hours? Buy her fairy wings and a tutu, of course! My daughter and I met with local Etsyian, CurlyGirlBowTique, today, and were thrilled with her customer service. She brought several sets of wings and tutus that my daughter could try on and pick from for her Halloween costume, and having a daughter of her own, she was extremely patient. Did I mention that the wings and tutus are absolutely adorable AND reasonably-priced?

When we got home, all Little S wanted to do was wear her tutu and wings and "fly" around the house. Seriously. She's going to sleep great tonight. :)

the tutu skirt ($10)

the fairy wings ($8, small)


Quilted Memories said...

OK.....this makes me want to have a little girl!!!!!!!!! U know I'm living vicariously (sp?) through u, right????? Of course, Cohen still wants a Barbie for Xmas so he can take it to school and play with his friends; yeah, Bob's not seeing that happening!!!

tscrapper said...

I know. :) I love having a little girl! She's so much fun at this age.