Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Etsy Business in 2010

I think I mentioned on here awhile back that I started using my Etsy earnings towards things for the new house. To this point, I've purchased a buffet for the dining room, curtains for 4 rooms, a new bagless vacuum cleaner, several things from my Signature Homestyles party a few weeks back, some wall decor, and some other knick-knacks. I've truly purchased every little thing for the new house w/ my Paypal debit card and Etsy earnings. It's so gratifying to know that my hobby has now turned into a way to really help out around the house, and I love it.

The new year's purchases will bring more curtains, more things to decorate, and the big one--drywall and materials to finish the basement. (a few pieces at a time, I'm sure!)


Mike Clark said...

WOW! So your business now is getting better! How do you keep your earnings high with your etsy shop? A friend of mine also has one, and she always seeks the advice of her loved ones to help her business to run smoothly. She seeks legal advice, too! Are you doing the same?

Staci Burruel said...

Hooray for your business! Not all entrepreneurs in town can do as good as you. You are certainly blessed with all of these, because of your hard work and passion for your craft. Maybe you just need a little more marketing skills for your business to grow bigger!