Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday's Featured Seller--QuiltedMemories4u!

I know that I've mentioned Amanda of QuiltedMemories4u on here before, as she's a close friend and sorority sister of mine from college and new EtsySecrets member. I've featured her memory/ tshirt quilts, as well as her new tool roll-ups for Dads, but this is the first time to introduce her new clothing line. I can honestly say that I'm the proud owner of 2 shirts, 2 strapless dresses, and 2 skirts/ shirts all handcrafted by Miss Amanda herself! These are new additions to her shop, so please stop by and check them out. They would even be great for maternity wear! She's very easy to work with and loves custom orders!
The Strapless Dress $45:

The skirt/ shirt $20:

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