Saturday, June 20, 2009

Officially on Vacation for the Week

Yay! We're doing our own version of a "staycation" this week starting with Dora Live! tonight in Columbus. On Sunday morning, we're making the long drive to Philadelphia to stay for the week. Wonder what we'll be up to the next few days? We're planning on visiting Sesame Place, the Please Touch Museum, the Jersey shore/ beach area, historical sites in Philly, and possibly Hershey or Gettsyburg on the way back. It's our first driving vacation like this with our 2 year old. Please send lots of patience our way! LOL

I have scheduled a few blog posts throughout the week, but my regular blogging will start back next weekend.


Anonymous said...

I hope that you guys have a great trip!

The Good Witch of the South said...

We took Benjamin on his first road trip when we lived in Ohio to Paula in Buffalo. As long as he had something to eat, a comfy spot to sleep and plenty of pull-ups, he was good to go!!! Hope all goes the same for you!