Thursday, December 20, 2012

doTERRA Family Physician Kit--a Family Review

My follow-up to an earlier post this week, I plan to blog about our initial experiences with our new doTERRA Family Physician Kit. We have had our kit for 3 weeks now and have taken it on vacation. During that time, we have started to get a few colds, had some aches and pains, fevers, upset stomachs, pink eye, and headaches, and the flu and stomach flu are both going around my daughter's Kindergarten class. We were on a cruise with over 4600 other people and through numerous airports during this time.

*****small disclaimer--I am a current wholesale member and new consultant with doTERRA, but I didn't receive anything for this post nor am I looking to gain anything by posting this other than helping my friends and their families.

The Family Physician Kit contains 5ml bottles of the following oils--lemon, peppermint, lavender, on guard, breathe, melaleuca, oregano, digestzen, and frankincense. You also receive an audio cd for information about using the oils and a 15ml bottle of Slim and Sassy. We have tried all of the oils at this point, and all three of us are reaching for the oils first now. My husband even asks me to put the "fix it" stuff (aka On Guard) on him, and my daughter sticks her feet up in the air for oils!

Our Ailments Over the Past 3 Weeks--
Runny Nose/ Cough--used Breathe and On Guard, worked great. We love On Guard!
Upset stomach--Digestzen worked for hubby and for our daughter after her motion sickness
Fever--used On Guard and Peppermint for our daughter at bedtime, and her fever was gone when she woke up the next morning. She felt great!
Pink Eye--currently using Melaleuca and Lavender oils around my eyes, and they are stopping the itch and reducing the pink/ red. Will post pics tomorrow.
Sinus/ Tension Headache--used Breathe and Peppermint, added Frankincense a few times. I did have to take an excedrin at one point when the hormonal headache was added on top of the others, but the oils mostly did the trick here. I ordered PastTense (for headaches) to see how this works next time.
Joint/ Muscle Pain--used Deep Blue oil, and hubby felt better; used it on my daughter's finger and felt better

I have also been putting a drop of lemon oil in my water for detox and feel it helped. I have treated a sinus infection and pink eye on myself with great results--no doctor's appt. or antibiotics! Woohoo!

The Slim and Sassy is definitely reducing my cravings to snack in the afternoons and evenings, and it tastes great. The bottle seems to last awhile, too, as I have most of the bottle left. For our family of 3, we go through the On Guard fastest, and I would highly recommend it to other families with kids, those with weakened immune systems, etc. If you have any questions, please list them in the comments, and I'll try to help.

Tomorrow's post--More information on these oils--what they are, etc.

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