Monday, December 17, 2012

My New Journey with doTERRA Essential Oils

As some of you may know, I recently started using doTERRA essential oils before our vacation, and I will never go back to a life without them. I've had several friends and family members asking what they are, what I think of them, how they are working, etc. and plan to address questions and my experiences here where I can write and share more. I decided to start out by telling why I took this journey and then go from there.

I have gradually started changing over our household items in the past year or two to more green cleaning items, less processed foods, and more natural health solutions for myself but still relied on the dr. visits for my 5 year old daughter. She doesn't get really sick but almost constantly has a cough, more so in fall and winter. Every time she gets a runny nose, it turns into several weeks of a cough. Our friends and family have grown to accept that she's not really sick but coughing.

Over the past two years, we were typically at the dr. once per month. Occasionally, it was a sinus infection or ear infection but mainly just a cough that they would attribute to a virus or to an unknown cause.  Allergies and cough-variant asthma were both mentioned repeatedly, but allergy testing last spring came back negative on everything. I do realize that they could still develop, and while her asthma test was also negative, the allergist wanted to put her on an inhaler to see if it would help her cough. We have turned down advice for inhalers and allergy prescriptions because we just don't feel comfortable trying random things on our daughter to see if they work.

Recently, we were referred on to an ENT specialist as her dr. felt it didn't sound like cough-variant asthma anymore. The specialist didn't find anything wrong and felt we needed to get more aggressive from the beginning when she gets this runny nose/ cough. She recommended OTC children's mucinex and possibly an acid reducing medicine if we feel the cough may be coming from acid (we don't). Again, not trying random medicines just to see if they work.

We decided this year to not get her a flu shot and try a more natural approach because honestly we figured we had tried the traditional medicine route w/ her the last few years without much success. Last year, she developed an allergic reaction to the antibiotic Omnicef. My Mom and Brother are both allergic to the "cillan" medicines and found out when they were older, so I'm hoping she doesn't develop more. Also, we recently had a friend develop Steven Johnson's Syndrome after allergies to antibiotics and prescribed medicines, so we were completely ready to give the all natural route a try. I spoke w/ a friend of mine who used doTERRA essential oils for her family and was an Independent Consultant and signed up that day for the Family Physician Kit, wholesale member, and to become an Independent Consultant myself although my primary goal is to keep my family healthy.

The rest of this week, I will keep blogging about the essential oils we have tried and our experiences with each one. We have tested out most of the oils in my Family Physician Kit at this point (unfortunately we've needed to), but I feel confident in sharing our results. Let me know in the comments if you ever have questions, and I'll try my best to answer them.

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