Thursday, September 4, 2008

Looking for Me?

The EtsyMom virtual trunk show was so much fun tonight! I loved finally "meeting" some of the moms on the team and learning more about their shops and creative processes. While I think my own things are pretty cute, here are some of my favorites from the other creative mamas:

The fully insulated lunch bags from EtsyMom naturallyfelt:

These leaf print tshirts and pillows from EtsyMom sweet3leafprints:

And finally, these adorably comfy looking slippers from EtsyMom thecrocodilerock:
Just search Etsy for etsymomcheer to see lots of other great items and EtsyMoms!


Crysto said...

fun items!!! I'm not a mom yet, someday.. I'm sure when it happens my shop will become very child oriented..

Conscientia's Cameos said...

ooo! those slippers are great!

CraftGirlAlli said...

Glad the show went well! I stopped by for a little while and then chatted for a bit after it was over. I hope we get to do more things like this in the future!

snazz said...

Glad to hear a good report on the show. I was too shy to jump in but I did lurk for a bit.

TheresaJ said...

A virtual trunk show -- what a nifty idea.

Paper Girl Productions said...

such a cool idea!