Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Craft Room is About to Grow Legs and Walk Away!

Seriously, it's in desparate need of cleaning today. Every surface is covered with some sort of project that I'm in the middle of either for a custom order or for an upcoming craft show. My poor hubby tried to work from home some last night and had to literally push things aside to get some space on the desk for his laptop. So.....I need to seriously clean and organize today.

I swear, I really do this every few weeks or so, but then I start new projects and it just piles up again. My rationale, aka excuse, is that I'm the most creative when I have everything at hand and can just work w/out worry about the mess. LOL--sounds good, right?

Is there anyone else out there like me who does not put things away as they go? Someone else who works in "creative chaos" as I like to call it.

P.S.--I did take pictures this morning before I started cleaning, so there will be before and after pictures at some point. Not sure I'll post or not unless it will motivate someone else!


Karin Schueller said...

I am not willing to completely tell all on this one, lol, but my craft area is CHAOS. I would really love for it to be organized, but when I craft I just take out so much stuff! LOL And then I craft into crazy hours, and suddenly there is no time to pick up. Yes, I know I sound like my 10 year old. LOL I am working on it. Slowly but surely, I am working on it. :)

Sayo said...

Yes! My areas are always big messes! I like to have everything I need RIGHT next to me, within arms reach, and I don't want to loose my train of thought by putting stuff away, ya know? However, when I do clean up, its like pushing the reset button, and that's pretty nice too:)

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Wooo hate that craft room cleaning.

VieiraGirl said...

I tend to get involved in what I am working on and somehow cause chaos. Then I spend the whole day cleaning. So I made a new rule. If I make a mess I will put at least 3 things away before I walk away. It is my way of controlling my Chaos

kim* said...

i try to clean daily so that i feel fresh and ready for new mess or i get lazy and its in my room so i have to or i go crazy...i may post pics of my craft area one day.