Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back home and busy!

Back from vacation and caught up enough around the house to get started on some recent orders. I've got 4 custom scrapbooks (premade baby girl album, Dan Zanes concert scrapbook, 5x7 family recipes album, and a Lego scrapbook), as well as some coasters and tags to keep me busy this week. I'll post pictures later in the week as I get some of these completed.

Are you noticing an increase in sales from the start of holiday shopping? I've already started my shopping on Etsy for the holidays and signed the handmade pledge! I plan to get at least one handmade item for each person on my list for Christmas.

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Janet P. said...

I'm going to be giving some handmade items too for Christmas and was lucky enough to be able to work out some trades for some of the things I wanted!