Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Sweet Toddler Moment

First a little background--we go to Music, Movement, and Me class every Tuesday, and the little one loves it there. At the end of class, there's always a quiet song where the little ones get a stuffed animal out of the basket to cuddle with to end class. My little one always get this little stuffed kitty cat and talks to it the whole song. It's really pretty cute. Two weeks ago (our last class before vacation last week), someone else got the cat first, and I spent the whole song explaining that we had to share the kitty, it was ok to have another animal for the day, etc.

Now to today's class--It came time for the quiet song, and the little one spent time going through the basket and looking at each animal, etc. because this is a big decision, right? In the mean time, another little girl (who happens to be 2 1/2 years old) found the kitty cat and walked over and handed it to my daughter. How sweet is that? She remembered that the kitty cat is my little one's favorite one! My little one told her thank you, and it was a very precious moment. The other Mom was pretty proud (and should have been of her little sweetheart!).

If only adults could get along so well....

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