Thursday, January 29, 2009

Does anyone do home shows?

I was approached at a craft show last year by another vendor there who thought my items would do really well at a home show/ party. At that point, I hadn't really considered that avenue at all because of my daughter's age and husband's work schedule. Well, I've noticed a few Etsy shops lately that have information about their party plans, hosting an online party, etc. in their shop announcements. Apparently, guests at their "virtual party" would all have a special party code to enter in when they purchase, all sales count towards the hostess' show, then the hostess earns something (free items, free shipping, 1/2 price items, etc.). It sounds like a normal party plan show, only online. I think Tupperware or someone else does this, too.

Now the questions--Do any of you do anything like this? Does it work? Is it more for local people who know you or do you have online people have shows from a distance? What are the drawbacks?

I must say that I'm really interested in this idea. Maybe I'll convo some Etsy sellers and try to find out more.


Jennifer Juniper said...

I have done home shows before and been successful, but usually is goes along with a gift-giving holiday. I think the human element to really describe and explain your work is key. Not sure the online aspect would be as sucessful, but it can't hurt to try. Good luck, I'll be watching for an update :)

Jackie G said...

You know....I've never done one personally, but have heard other card-makers/scrappers do a couple!! Sounds like they were pretty successful!!