Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday's Featured Etsy Seller--AutumnRussell!!

Here's my first Friday's Featured Etsy Seller of 2009--AutumnRussell! If you like fashion and art, this shop has some amazing art pieces. Check it out!

-What is your shop name and URL
My shop name is Autumn Russell, and my website is

I am a mom to 4 girls, one set of twins! who has an obsession with Cotton Fabric! And who aims to launch a line of lovely somethings soon!I am a self taught Artist and Fashion Designer who's sole purpose is to create Original lovely works of Art and Fashion for those that are passionate about having in their possession, One of a kind Originals.

I love anything that is healthy for the mind body and soul:) And that means Fresh Air, Laughter,Organic food, Exercise, Positive books, Classical music and creating great memories with family and friends! I confess I have a weakness for Organic Bath products and Lovely Scented Candles!I won Designer of the year in 2004 in AZ out of 50 something Designers.

I don't belong to a Etsy team yet, Ive been invited, does that count?

My inspiration comes from Life, My darling girls, Moods, Emotions, Nature and of course Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly are favs.

I'll have these moments where my imagination goes crazy with all these ideas and I'm on a high trying to get them all down on paper before the moment of inspiration flys away!

My Mom taught me how to sew when very young and since then I have grown to love anything creative! I found my niche sketching I simply Love to create an idea on paper, Then seeing it come to life is amazing! I have a vivid imagination so my ideas come very quickly, almost too fast! I am very fond of Architectual Design and Home Decor, Textile Design etc! If I had the Time I would be accomplished in all of this and more! Maybe some day:)

My favorite Item in my shop that is currently for sale is,

and my favorite item that sold is,

The Butterfly is my favorite because it expresses so much detail and delicate beauty. I spent some time creating this piece and I really love how it turned out!

Three words to describe myself? hmmm.. Creative, Intuitive,Lovely:)

What do I like about Etsy? Wow, I not only like Etsy I LOVE Etsy! Number one, The complete sense of Friendliness I feel here, The customer support is fabulous, Everybody is so willing to help you all the time! It isn't cold or tacky, Very Clean and easy to use and not expensive. I could go on and on why I am so impressed with Etsy but for the most part its the Group of lovely people here! The Talent is astonishing, It's a great feeling to have it all in one place with so many brilliant people altogether!
My shop is Especially Unique because I only make and sell Originals. Nothing's ever the same.Each item has their sense of self and individuality. I love knowing that I have in my possession something that no one other has!

My advice for others selling on Etsy is this, Don't sell yourself short just because you're dying for a Sale! KNOW your WORTH and price it as such. I see too many talented Artists here that underprice their wares thinking they will get more sales, when in reality it only makes their product look cheap and less desirable.

I currently sell on no other site than Etsy. Being a very busy Mom, I keep very busy here, much less elsewhere.


kim* said...

very cool feature!
I use to nanny a set of twins...i wish i could have a pair myself :) they are too fun! it gets easy when you have a routine...

JodisCraftEmporium and More said...

awesome feature and the butterfuly is totally awesome. I big into butterflies. Great post.