Thursday, March 19, 2009

The March Spotted Box--Yay!

Once again, I love the contents of my Spotted Box! There are so many things in here that we can use, and again, my little helper pulled a few things out and claimed them before I could get the photos or even the name of the shop. Anyways, I'll do my best to describe them. :)

--$5 off coupon from
--$5 gift certificate to
--really cute bow clip from
--soap sample from
--tulip soy candle sample from
--tropical key chain/ zipper pull from
--hair clip from ( a bit too big for my daughter's fine hair, but she'll use it with her dolls)
--really cute play cookie from
--upcycled mailer envelope from ( love this idea!)
--thank you card and butterfly postcard from
--night time eye serum from
--exfoliating scrub from
--full bar of soap from
--large mudslider from ( we don't cloth diaper but we'll use it for something around the house)
--nail jewelry from ( definitely not my style, so I probably won't use this one)
--lip balm samples from
--small beanbag from
--earrings from (not my style but will give these away)
--lavendar rose of sharon seeds from
--crochet Easter bunny pin from
--really cute cloth wipe from (my daughter loves these to wipe her hands and face after eating!)
--recycled crayon from


fluffnflowers said...

Hope you enjoy the envie! They work well for mini 'wet' bags, too. This month was a good box month, for sure!

2 by 2 Boutique said...

Thanks for the mention!! Great box this time!! I blogged the box too!