Monday, March 16, 2009

Saving money on meals/ Monday post

This is not my normal post on here, as I typically focus on business items and new ideas. However, in my effort to save my family money and become more organized in the process, I've discovered a few recipe websites to share. I've also decided to start planning our menus for the week. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate to cook, and I'm not a very good cook. My hubby is just now in Phase 2 of South Beach, so at least he can eat some normal foods again. Therefore, I have to have recipes to follow. I'll let you know how this first week goes.

The first website is and her Menu Planning Monday section. She includes her recipes for the week, as well as links to several of the recipes. Other readers comment w/ their recipes for the week, so there are tons to choose from!

The second website is where the entire meal costs $5 or less. If you click on the Bargain Meal of the Week on the right side, other bloggers create a meal based on what's on sale at particular stores that week. You can pick your grocery store. Love it!

So, here's what I'm going to try for the week:
Monday--1. leftover pot roast w/ veggies and 2. sausage/ wheat noodles from the weekend
Tuesday--Italian Pork chops w/ veggies
Wednesday--20 Clove Chicken from the Kraft magazine that just came in the mail
Thursday--Spinach Pasta again from the Kraft magazine
Friday--Some kind of soup and salad, as it's supposed to turn cold again in Ohio :(

I would love to hear other tips/ recipes from my readers. I need easy recipes that are also somewhat healthy and fast to make. Thanks!


Elizabear said...

Great websites! I'm trying to save money anyway I can and these are definitely helpful sites. Thanks for sharing.

sewingchick said...

Hello from one Central Ohioian to another :)

Spinach pasta sounds yummy! I'll have to check out those websites too. Here's one you might like: It lets you enter ingredients in the search bar, and then it pulls up recipes with those ingredients. It's great for using up what you have.

I read that you taught fifth grade-- where at? I teach 5-8th grades Music in Reynoldsburg but am on maternity leave right now.

tscrapper said...

I used to teach 5th grade in SWL schools but I've been home w/ my daughter for 2 years now.

I'll definitely check out the other website--thanks!