Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Dinner Ideas and Tips!

I promise, I will be back w/ more business posts after my vacation, but I'm really trying to get more organized in our house. Last week, I mentioned the site www.5dollardinners.com , and I still follow it and love it. While reading another blog, I discovered a link for "dump chicken" recipes. Apparently, you dump the ingredients in a large ziplock bag w/ the chicken, then use them when you're ready for a quick dinner. She said she made 9 dinners in 20 minutes (prep time) using these 21 dump chicken recipes. OMG--I've found a lifeline! As I mentioned, I hate to cook, and I'm not very good. This sounds like a great standby for me! I can put ingredients in a ziplock bag! I can thaw out and cook using recipes! Yay! Hope this helps someone else, too.


All 21 recipes are posted there. :)

On a business note, I am working on several new banners and kits--ladybugs and monkeys are the next two that should be in my shop later this week!

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