Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday's Favorites Blog Review--KatsKardsnKrafts!!

As I've mentioned a few times on here, I'm really trying to lead a greener lifestyle in our home, and I'm slowly changing over our cleaning supplies and more. In that quest to find more ecofriendly cleaning supplies, I discovered KatsKardsnKrafts on Etsy and ordered several of her items to try--General Diesel's all-natural stain stick, General Diesel's all-natural dryer drops, and General Diesel's all-natural dish washing powder. This really is her passion, so she tries to price her items so that everyone can afford to live a greener lifestyle. I was so impressed w/ the items that I decided to share them w/ all of you!

The General Diesel's all-natural dish washing powder, 96 loads for $5
--just takes one teaspoon of powder per load.
Let me start by saying that our dishwasher is not the greatest and consistently leaves spots on our dishes and doesn't get our dishes completely clean. With that being said, I wasn't entirely sure that this would do the trick, but I rinsed them off as usual and was really surprised. Seriously, this stuff did an amazing job, and even my husband was surprised! She can make it unscented or you can pick a light scent. Mine was a light citrus scent. Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about this and will definitely be back for more when I run out in 96 loads. :)

General Diesel's all-natural stain stick--$1.25
I plan to try this one over the weekend along with the dryer drops, but it's such a bargain. How can you go wrong?
I also tried a sample of the new "Johnny Bombs" toilet cleaners. The directions said to use one or two tablets, let fizz, and then clean w/ your toilet brush. I used one tablet on our dirty toilet, and it came clean w/ little scrubbing. It does take a few minutes to finish fizzing, but it's only because I was inpatient. Another great cleaning product! She's going to sell these 20 for $2.00.
To visit her shop and purchase cleaning or household items for yourself, please go to:

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