Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Custom Paper Bag Album for Boys!

I just finished a custom paper bag album for a boy's vacation to Florida. The Mom wanted to keep it more general Florida in feel so that they could include photos and details about Disney and other spots, too. I think this turned out really cute! The blues/ greens/ and oranges really remind me of Florida from the water and sun to the Everglades, I think this paper bag album could work for anything in the state. I included 4 6x6 paper bags which gives this album a whopping 16 pages including covers, as well as 4 pockets that are filled with lined pages for his notes and stories and blank pages that he can color, draw, etc. to his heart's content.

I may make this a paper bag album kit in my shop as I have extra papers, ribbons, etc. What do you think?


Andrea Baker said...

WOW! you made that from a paper bag! Thats awesome. I love the playful ribbons!!!

I wonder how much you would charge for something like that? hmmmmm I kinda stopped filling photo albums because I store then on Flickr. But if i had something cute like that I'd defiantly fill it up!

tscrapper said...

When I sold them in my shop before, I was charging between $12-$15 depending on the amount of embellishment. For the kits, I'm thinking of charging $8 or so depending on the amount of stuff included.

FYI--these aren't archival safe, so I'm not sure I'd plan on long-term photo storage w/ these albums. I can do other premade albums though.

Tiffany said...

Thanks T! I can't wait! (-: He's going to just love this!