Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Room Swap 2009 Makeover w/ Pictures!!

We actually were able to swap the two rooms in two days, and they look great! I'm adjusting to my much smaller office/ scrap space, and my daughter's bedroom looks huge now in her new space. If you're a newer blog reader, here's a link w/ what my scrapbook room used to look like:

It's now been taken over by my daughter's new "big girl" toddler bedroom.

Her old nursery
is now my new workspace.

What do you think? Let's hear your thoughts! Think it makes the rooms look bigger/ nicer/ etc. and will help us sell the house? I never imagined having a lavendar office w/ butterflies on the wall, but we're not changing it now. LOL We have a showing tonight, so wish us luck!


buzzabee said...

It's clutter free which is a huge plus for showing the house! Nobody wants to see a bunch of clutter. :)

abi said...

good luck tonight!