Monday, December 22, 2008

I have been busy, I promise!

I feel like I've neglected my blog a bit the last two weeks, but I swear, I 've been busy! I finished up all of my custom orders and Etsy orders for holiday delivery, then I started working on my personal Christmas cards and some of the little one's scrapbook. I'd love to have her album up-to-date again before the family comes over for Christmas!

I've also been working on ceramic coaster sets for a new consignment deal with a shop in Houston, Texas called Posh and Prim. She wanted floral/ pink/ girly/ shabby chic coasters for her shop. These aren't my personal style at all, but I think they turned out really cute! I just thought of my Aunt who decorates in these styles and tried to create what I thought she might like. How did I do? Let me know what you think.

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StudioCherie said...

They look perfect. I think the shop owner will be thrilled.