Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Spotted Box

I heard about The Spotted Box about a month ago and loved the concept of a box of sample-sized items created for the Mom and little one in mind. Boxes are sold on the 15th of each month on both Etsy and Hyenacart until they are all gone, BUT if you send in 60 samples of your own item, you can earn a free box for the month. That's exactly what I did for December to try out a box of my very own while doing some advertising. I will also be in the January box.

The actual spotted box you receive is adorable and can easily be reused as a gift box, etc. My box was stuffed to the top w/ coupons, a gift certificate, and samples. Yay!
Earth School--lesson ideas, blank Amy Butler notecard from me using recycled cardstock and the new Ecofriendly Amy Butler papers, holiday card from AtoZcreations, free soy lotion from crochetfrog, Butteredparsnips (not really sure what the sample is)--I will definitely use all of these except for maybe the last one until I find out a use.
Doggie biscuit from Stylinpuppillows (will give to my brother's dogs), zipper pull? from SweetPeaBoutique, sample candle from Candles, Favors, and More, really cute wipe/ washcloth from Funky Giraffe, yarn from Beemerknits (my daughter is using this as a doggie tail for dress up)--will use all of these samples
2 full size headbands? from Snozzberries 'n Dreams, earrings and bubble magnet from tea & laundry, Tangerine Dreamsicle lip balm from Herban Lifestyle, Circular Needle Marker from In Stitches, snowflake diecuts and red Christmas/ button ? from Just Add Memories, toddler bracelet from Tiffany's Trinkets (my daughter loves this!)--will only use a few from this group probably
earrings from Let It Shine, bobby pin w/ flower from Craftalicious, fabric wipe from Dagny's Promise, DingleBalls wool scenter from LuvBugDiapers, Pomegranate Lip Balm from Frost Fish Cove Soaps, toddler butterfly bracelet from StellaJane, (will use most of this grouping)
Nosewipers from BabyVagabond, Study Putty from Picnic Basket Crafts, sample potholder/ hotpad from Jekuthiel's Handmade Gifts (being used as a washcloth for my daughter's dolls now), hair clippie from ??, soap from ?? --will update the ones I'm not sure on when I find the cards again (will use all of this grouping)

I also received a $5 gift certificate from Little Painted Polka Dots! I'm thrilled w/ this box and can't wait to receive the January one. Now to figure out my own samples to send for that one.....


Jekuthiel~Content-in-Christ said...

How cute about my sample potholder being used as your daughter's doll washcloth!!! LOL! Glad she likes it. ;-)
Jessica ;-)

butteredparsnips said...

Hi there!
I am so sorry my sample didn't make sense. I now know to include a lot more information. Anyway, it's just a little dressy tag to put on a prezzie for Christmas. I hope you will be able to use it! Thank you for posting pics and remarks about what you receive. It has already helped me to know how to do mine better!!
Thanks again,