Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Planning for the New Year--Please Vote!

I have a few new ideas for my shop for the New Year, and I'm really excited. I will probably have a sale after Christmas to empty it out a bit. Here are my new items that I will be adding (please vote --------> on your favorites):
--custom banners for birthdays, holidays, etc.
--monogrammed notecards and stationary (Amy Butler and others)
--altered wood frames and wooden blocks

I will also be raising the price slightly on a few of my items to help offset my additional cost.


Michelle said...

sounds great!

Before you raise your prices (about a week or so before) put it in your annoucements to that people start buying stuff before the prices go up :) It helped me move a lot of merchandise before a price adjustment a few months ago :)

tscrapper said...

Great idea! Thanks Michelle!