Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Ideas in the Works--Please Comment for Giveaway!

I have a few new ideas in the works for my shop, and I'd love some feedback. I'll pick one lucky comment from this post and surprise them with one of the new items, so please leave me some honest feedback and ideas! I'll leave this open until Friday then pick the winner by random generator at 9pm EST. Thanks!

--Custom Wedding/ Bridal Shower/ Baby Shower/ Etc. Ceramic Coaster Favors--personalized, monogrammed, etc. for your event (this one is in the works and should be listed in my shop soon, just need to figure out the shipping logistics as they will be heavy!) Local pickup is available for central Ohioans

--DIY Kits- for cards (that your kids could make), scrapbook pages, and paper bag albums (these would all be great party activities for girls or to do as a Mother/ Daughter activity)

--More altered/ decoupaged items--clothespins, frames, etc.

--More party kits (monkeys and ladybugs will be listed soon, but more are on the way!)

Also, send me your suggestions. What would you like to see in my shop?


Becki said...

Great ideas! Your blog looks fabulous!

Jenine said...

I love the idea of the DIY card kits. I have an older daughter and this is something that we'd probably enjoy very much doing together.

Also, I've been to a few birthday parties for the younger crowd where the mom/host will put together a theme oriented DIY card craft. Those have been going over really well and it would be great if there were already some kits available for there to be one less thing to worry about when party planning.

Another thought I had after looking through your shop was Wedding Memory Books. We had a 'sign in' book at the entrance to our reception but what I really would have liked was a memory book so that our guests could write down either their thoughts on the wedding, or if they really knew us, just some memories they have of us. Sort of like what people do when they get up and toast the couple - but often people are too shy to do that (we found out the hard way!). If they were given the opportunity to write it down instead of standing up in front of assembled guests, that might be fantastic!

What do you think?

Jen said...

I love DIY kits! My kids are really into crafts and these would be perfect!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Sarah said...

As a huge fan of Amy Butler, I love your coasters! Why don't you use the same patterns to make greeting cards? I think Amy Butler blank greeting cards would be a hit.

Marianne Solt said...


How about something more for Mompreneurs like a set of 2x2 hang tags, note cards, etc.

Also if you have lots of different papers it might help to have them displayed somewhere so people can choose. Maybe a page link or just more pics in each listing.

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of altered items and would love to see you do some office items!

The Good Witch of the South said...

Of course, I love your stuff :o) But one of the things I think you would like to do and it would be a hit with the mom crowd are personalizable memory books for babies. I always hated looking through those store-bought books and not fitting our own occassions, etc. I still haven't filled out one for my youngest. But if it would've been more user-friendly and a bit more "candid" it would have been easier to remember those milestones, etc. Just something portable, so when he/she does that first funny gets poop on his sock; you can write it down...all those others are too stuffy. Make life fun and worth remembering!!!!

Quilted Memories

Hollyrocks said...

I like the DIY card kit idea. I think people enjoy making things, even if they don't see themselves as artistic. They just need a little guidance in the process, especially when working with kiddos. I think a pre-designed kit would be really fun!

tscrapper said...

Giveaway is closed--winner is Becki!

Tiffany said...

How about a DIY paper bag scrapbook kit? (-: