Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What has your business done for you lately?

I've been thinking of this as more of a business than a hobby for about 6 months now, and I can honestly say that my sales have gone up since I've taken it more seriously. I'm putting in more time in designing my items and marketing (forums, Twitter, etc.). Up until this point, my earnings have mainly gone to buy other business supplies and for odds and ends, gifts, etc. (mainly for my daughter). However, I have some goals that I'd really like to meet over the summer, so I'm hoping for some continued sales.

With earnings from my business, I really want to....
1. buy my family tickets to Dora Live! that's coming to Columbus in June.
2. buy my daughter a sandbox, slide, and some other outdoor items to play w/ over the summer.

So if you have your own business and/ or Etsy shop, what are some of your goals for the summer months?

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Anonymous said...

My summer business goals:
figure out how to take better product photos!
evaluate advertising and implement new plan
stop spending profit on etsy stuff! : )
Your summer goals are way more fun than mine!