Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Spotted Box Came Yesterday!

My daughter and I talked about it all day, and it was here when we came home from lunch! Seriously, my two-year-old gets very excited about this and pulls everything out of the box before I can see it or get a picture. Then she wants me to open them all, and she talks about the "cute little soaps" and "new bracelets," etc. It was a great box again this month. I'm going to try to at least list all of the items, but I may miss a few. They tend to scatter fast in this house. :)

$5 GC to
$5 GC to
Upcycled envelope from
Organic sucker and $10 GC to (sucker tastes great!)
Lip balm samples from
Recycled crayon from
Snap sample from
Sleepy Sleepy Tea from
Lavendar Sachet from
Clean Beans from
Soap sample from (smells great for my sinus and allergy)
Cloth Diaper towel? from (really cute, daughter claimed it for her dolls)
2 cute cards from (love the owl one!)
Spring card and lollipop from and
Cute spring clippie from (perfect for my daughter's fine hair!)
Corner bookmark from
Cotton Candy soy candle from (smells yummy!)
Tulip felt sugar cookie from (daughter took this one, too)
Glitter cosmetics from (perfect for my SIL)
Beaded ponytail wrap from (daughter wears as a bracelet)
Infant boys hat from (will give this to a friend)\
Healing Hemp Balm (full-size?) from

I'll try to post pictures and include the last few samples that I'm missing from my list. Thanks again everyone. It was another great box!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that your mom liked the tea, I hope she enjoys this sample too!

2 by 2 Boutique said...

i hope you enjoy your Gift Certificate!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed the candy! definitely the best of our collaboration 80)