Monday, October 6, 2008

Getting Everything Done

I'm feeling a tad stressed at the moment between custom orders, getting ready for a huge craft show this weekend, and my real job of taking care of our almost 20 month old daughter. I know that this is an issue that lots of stay-at-home-Moms and most people who have their own small business deal with on a daily basis.

I try to make realistic checklists of what I need to get done each day as well as a few things I'd like to get done if I have extra time. I also try to group items together. Ex) make lots of coasters at once, make like cards or tags at once, etc.

What do you do to keep yourself on track while attempting to get everything done that you need to each day? Let's help each other out!


Mary Ann said...

I find that the biggest time sucker for me is this darn computer. When I have a lot to do I make myself get a certain task done before I even turn it on and then I set a limit like 15 minutes of computer after 2 hours of work.

Nicki Leigh said...

It really depends on how you work. For me, I do my products in batches of between 15-30. I take 2 - 4 days (depending) just making items, labeling and packaging them.

Then, the rest of the time I use up either checking inventory, placing orders, filling orders and promoting off and online. I also do the rare craft show. However for now, I am stocked to the gills. So my days are spent promoting.

I should be getting an order in on Friday. I will sped the weekend resupplying my lip balms and adding new product to my line.

There really is not rhyme or reason to it though.

Also, I generally take time between batches (waiting for them to harden) to check messages and to respond to e-mails.