Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Very Productive Naptime!

So the little one has had a rough time napping the last week or so because of teething and getting her incisors in on top. However, today is a good nap day!

So far, I've...
--sealed 3 sets of coasters
--added cork to the back of several sets
--completely made and finished 4 Christmas clipboards
--painted the coasters to add to the clipboards to make them countdown calendars
--posted 2 different spots to advertise for this weekend's craft show
--answered a few convo's on Etsy

and I'm still going! After yesterday's stress and not getting much time last night to work, I really needed a good naptime to work today. :)


Devin said...

I love your clipboards.theya re super cute.

CAT Productions said...

Wow you've been busy! Keep up the good work!

kim* said...

glad you got things done if anything!