Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Reality TV--I can't wait until the Project Runway Finale!

I'm seriously addicted to reality tv, not sure what that says about me. I'm now dvr'ing and watching....Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, and Project Runway on top of my normal shows. I can't watch them all, so I'm way behind on my DVR watching.

Anyone else out there really excited about tonight's Project Runway finale? I'm torn between Leanne and Kato (sp?). I love the fact that Leanne seems so detail oriented and is also an Etsy seller. She seems very down to earth and has beautiful designs. I also love the fact that Kato is true to her heritage and is trying to set a great example for her little girl. Can't wait to find out tonight!

Anyone else addicted? What are your predictions? My prediction is Leanne!


Clear Pink said...

I love that show. However, this was my least favorite season.

Not sure who will win, maybe leanne. mI would like to see her win.

kim* said...

ill turn my computer off and plug the tv in thanks!

Andrea said...

This is by far my favorite tv series. It completely reminds me of architecture school. I eat it up like candy!!! What did you think of Leann's win?